Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot

Breakbotおじさんの本名はThibaut Berland。

Over Time - Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié

Over Time
Directed By Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrié

”This film is incredible. The most captivating piece of animation I have seen. It takes film noir approach and tells the story of an animator who gets the tables turned upon him. An animator has died and the puppets he has spent his whole life animating, then proceed to animate him instead. It is a very personal experience as they treat him with the same tenderness as an animator would treat his puppets with. This has very many levels and will certainly keep you thinking about it for a long time after you have watched it. there are many references to other sources and some peculiar choices like blank eyes for example. there is a deep message going on in this, and it is up to you to find your own meaning from it. it is a true work of art. It is filmed in black and white, and has a brilliant score. it starts off very upbeat and then towards the end gets melancholy. This is a must see, an incredible film! ”




”■特別プログラム② フランス学生アニメーション傑作選
15 Overtime オーバータイム / e Oury ATLAN, Thibaut BERLAND,
    Damien FERRIÉ (5分)”


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”Born in 1981, Thibaut was immersed in the sights and sounds of the
subsequent decade, and remained appropriately pulled between his love
of animation graphics/comics, and music. He chose neither one clear
path, nor another. Possessing a degree in computer graphics, and
having created his first animation short film co-directed with two
friends, Thibaut now makes music videos, commercials and such. By day.
By night however, he cooks up choice cut electronic music,
experimenting with beats, layers, keyboards, vocals, and Daft
Punk-esque get-yo-funk-on basslines. ”


このアニメーション"Over Time"がBreakbotが学生時代最後に卒業制作で作ったアニメーション作品です。

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