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いまいちこのRon Haysっていう映像作家についての情報がグーグルでは得られないんだけど、以下のYouTubeの説明からなんとなくはわかります。
Ron Haysが主導したMusic Image Workshopが1972年から1974年までロックフェラー財団に出資してもらっていたって書いてあります。すごい。

this is from the laserdisc Ron Hays Music Image: Odyssey. here is some more information from Siggraph:
"Ron Hays

The New Television Workshop at WGBH supported the creation and broadcast of experimental works by artists. One of their projects was the Music Image Workshop, which was primarily a project of Ron Hays, who used the Paik-Abe videosynthesizer to create elaborate visual scores set to music. It was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts from 1972 through 1974. Hays worked closely with WGBH producer and director, David Atwood, to create both live broadcasts and finished works. Additionally, works by other artists were presented under the auspices of the Music Image Workshop.

Hays later produced a short film with Michael Tilson Thomas, called Space for Head and Hands. It was an improvisation by Hays with piano by Thomas. He also produced animation for the Julie Christie movie Demon Seed, and a video art compilation of music, computer graphics and art for Odyssey called Ron Hays Music Image. This animation was produced using the Scanimate system. "
music by Larry Fast


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